Guest Comments

The trip to Koru Dojo was a real highlight for Geoff, Ran and myself.  We enjoyed very much training with you in your beautiful space, eating Hisae's delicious cooking and believe it or not we really enjoyed the aikido stories.  So thank you for that experience.  I am sure you will get a few visits from Geoff and his students and I have also spoken to my students and they are all very interested in what you are doing there. 


I look forward to visiting and training with you again sometime in the future.  Thanks again for providing a wonderful aiki experience for us all.


Wishing you every happiness.

All the best


Ken (Aikido of Shin Sen)


 Stunning experience. Thank you for sharing your paradise with me.  I had no idea what to expect.

It has totally exceeded expectations & beyond.

Magical holiday. I feel deeply rested. Thank you!

                                                         (Carolyn )



You hold a sacred space here which is much needed. Thank you !!





A thousand thanks for making this place possible.

This is true Aikido - the Way.

 may good fortune smile upon you always.  




Aroha to you both tupu~a for providing this safe space.

Thank you for your kind hospitality.            






Thank you for the wonderful stay 

and for letting me tour in your paradise,

 I left feeling so balanced...

such a natural healing energy surrounded

 with love and light 



I cannot thank David & Hisae Lynch enough for the 

wonderful hospitality shown us during our visit to the Aikido Koru Dojo in Whitianga, New Zealand.

They were an absolute pleasre to spend time with.

None of us had ever actually met David or Hisae before this visit so when we were invited in and treated like family, we realized our Budo family had grown by two.

You can never have too many Budo kinded spirits.


The environment is stunning and the dojo literally one of a kind.  Despite the travel it is hard to imagine that more 

peaple don't take advantage of this incredible resouce/

destination for specialized training.

TSYR will be enthusiastically returning to this fantastic 

dojo for future Gasshuku.


                           (Tobin E Threadgill )


"An Amazing Experience

After having spent a couple of months in a “secret place” close to Whitianga I just wonder if this is possible to experience anywhere else in the world?

But let me start from “Adam”: Some time ago, I was looking for a quiet place to get away from the everyday turmoil of this fast moving world, for a place where I could stop and let my brain and soul think calmly, where I could meditate and learn about how to manage the energy flows in my body … If possible via practising aikido. I was looking also for somebody who I would be able to ‘see’ actually living aikido in both of its important aspects - the techniques and the energy.

After 200 emails sent to aikido dojos all over the world (including Japan and the US) and various follow-up communications I almost gave up.

It seemed that this kind of place didn’t exist.

But it does exist!

I arrived at David’s place just when Koru Dojo was a new-born baby. Even the name had not yet been chosen.

The moment I set eyes on the unique wooden dome in the middle of the bush, near a waterfall (like a scene almost from a feng-sui textbook) I started feeling the energy of the place: It was overwhelming! Even now, after almost six years, I can see my everyday misogi under the waterfall, my regular meditation at sunrise and, of course, my aikido lessons, as if it was yesterday.

After this experience, I would say that every minute I hesitated over whether to go or not to go there was a waste of time.

If you go there, it’s something you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

Thanks David for all this."

Zbynek Brych (Czech Republic)

"I had a very pleasant time. Fantastic hosts and dojo, not to mention the beautiful surroundings. Even though it is practically the end of the world for me, I will surely come back again."

Oskar Krajewski, London.

"The bush and waterfalls are alive with a good and peaceful spirit. "

Larry Bieri & Leslie Andelson, New York.

"Wonderful experience, thanks. "

Earl Brown, Japan

"It's been a joy, thanks a million. "

Karen Webster, Ireland

"Extremely enjoyable aikido. "

Portia Asquith, U.K.

"An extraordinary experience - great! "

Sabine Gruener, Germany

"I love it here. "

Hiromi Adachi, Japan

"This is a magical, serene, energetic, joyful place."

Ashley & Nye Tatton, Auckland